Our Services

This is not an exclusive list of our services, but they are the most commonly used. Feel free to contact me, even if what you are looking for is not here.
Small Business Support

I provide several services to resolve any issue a small business may have. These include Disaster Recovery, Business Setup, Data Backup, Personalized Technical Support, and much more. Contact me to see how we can help you. click to enlarge
I offer three different types of checkups which cover anything from "What do I have?" to thorough scans for viruses and system cleanup. For the "Premium Checkup", I will pick up your computer, provide the service and return your computer within 24-48 hours. click to enlarge
Virus Prevention & Removal
Viruses can be anything from anoying to downright harmful. Even with an Internet Security package installed, you can still become infected. Typical signs of infection are a slow computer, being directed to websites that you did not want to go to, and/or being informed that you are infected and you are asked to purchase the program to remove the "viruses" that were found.

I make every effort to remove ALL viruses without having to re-install Windows. In the rare case where I have to reinstall Windows, I save all your pictures, documents, favourites, etc where possible.
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I can setup anything from your computer, upgrade to a new version of Windows, wireless network, folder and printer sharing, and much more. click to enlarge
I can upgrade your computer to a larger hard drive (where possible) without losing anything. Sometimes, you can replace the motherboard (no laptops) and end up with a whole new computer cheaper than buying new. Perhaps you can't burn DVD's, a simple upgrade (including laptops) can correct this. How about some of the new games for the PC? A new video card may be able to expand your gaming possibilities. click to enlarge
Have you ever deleted a file by accident and were not able to recover it from your Recycle Bin? How about formatting your hard drive or even reinstalling Windows and forgot to save your files? Did you buy a new computer and would like the files from the old computer transferred to your new computer? Did you know that throwing away your old hard drive can lead to identity theft? Even if you erase your file, they may still be recovered. I may be able to help you with any of these situations. click to enlarge
What would happen if your hard drive were to fail or your computer die? What would you lose? Backing up your files is the most commonly overlooked activity, usually "I was about to backup when...". Backups are only one part of the process. The most important part of a backup is the ease at which you can recover files that were backed up. click to enlarge
Disaster Recovery
What would happen if you were unfortunate enough to suffer a disaster such as flood, fire, theft or other disasters? Would you have all the information necessary to file an insurance claim? Wouldn't it be nice to provide your insurance company with pictures of posessions, receipts, wills, etc? Do you have your important documents scanned and/or placed in a fireproof and waterproof safe? I can help you organize all the information you need to protect. click to enlarge
Annual Maintenance
There are many things we do once a year. Dental checkups, vehicle tune-ups, spring cleaning, furnace filters, etc. Many people overlook the fact that your computer also need a "spring cleaning and tune-up". I will pick up your computer, clean it inside and out, scan for viruses, remove unecessary files, and perform an extensive defragmentation of your hard drive. I will also discuss any issues that were found and make any upgrade suggestions. All I do is keep track of when you want this service and I contact you at the requested period to remind you of the maintenance. Leave the scheduling to me. click to enlarge